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GAYLE CONTINUES to help me discover insights about myself. When I am at a crossroads Gayle has guided me, helped me set expectations accordingly and accept the perimeters of the situation. As our relationship has deepened through tarot, Gayle has come to understand more and more about me which has made her readings even more insightful. When everyone thought I was chancing a dream waiting for a job to come through, Gayle told me to have faith and be patient. I did and the job came through just when she predicted it would. —Julia


I AM AN INTUITIVE, have worked as a psychic, medium and astrologer. The human condition of subjectivity warrants that I require an objective eye. Gayle Stacher is
a revelation. Gayle is an intuitive, an old soul and an empath with a precise process.

Gayle's vast wisdom of mythology, philosophy and archetypal symbolism work as her touchstones. Gayle's nurturing, gentle interpretations bring about a practical directive to her insights.

For me Gayle Stacher is an oracular, angelic source of wisdom, strength and hope.
I cannot say enough about this woman's gift for positivity and clarification. —Gloriana


GAYLE is an excellent Tarot card reader . . . her readings can help transport to deeper thoughts of my personal transformation.—Lalita


GAYLE always brings kindness, empathy, and intuition to her readings. —Elissa

Gayle Stacher

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